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Unrenovated is underrated – 

„Dream apartments“ for creative people, students, do-it-yourselfers and smart spenders

It sounds crazy, but it is a brand new offer from jenawohnen: Take over an unrenovated or partially renovated slab apartment in Lobeda and do with it (almost) anything you want. Design the apartment according to your dreams. Play with the nostalgic charm of the partly still existing original furniture and fixtures. Or tear everything out and build something completely different. Conjure up your own concrete castle with creative wall, ceiling and floor designs. If the lease ends, everything remains as it is. Nothing has to be renovated, painted or rebuilt. The next tenant takes over the apartment as he finds it, i.e. unrenovated. And then makes their own dream apartment out of it again…

jenaFREEstyle - that's how we call this new offer. It breaks with almost every standard of the „normal“ housing market. Here, apartments are not first expensively refurbished and then rented out at market prices. Instead, the tenant is rewarded financially for his creativity and his own craftly initiative. In fact, the reward is even threefold. First, the cold rents are at the extreme lower limit in Jena. Secondly, every new tenant will not have to pay the first month's rent so that they can put the money into the „enchantment“ of their apartment instead. Thirdly, a generous Baumarkt voucher accompanies the rental contract: for a 2-room apartment 300.- €, for a 3-room apartment 500.- €, and for a 4-room apartment even as much as 700.- €.

That these amounts of money are sufficient for transforming a whole flat into a creative paradise, we can prove. Two young people with a talent for craftsmanship have furnished a model apartment on our behalf. In each room, you can see what materials were purchased at what prices. Copying and imitating explicitly encouraged!

jenaFREEstyle is aimed at all those people who have crazy ideas for their own four walls, but whose implementation was not approved by previous landlords. Or at tenants who would like to have many rooms at their disposal and have two 'golden hands'. Unfortunately, the offer of jenaFREEstyle apartments is very limited.


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