Dermestid beetle infestation at Schlegelstraße 3

Dermestid infestation throughout the building

In 2019, dermestid beetles were discovered in individual apartments of the five-storey building at Schlegelstraße 3, Jena-Lobeda. Initially, jenawohnen assumed that this was a local problem limited to a few apartments. Appropriate treatment was carried out by a specialist company for pest control.

However, soon it became evident that the infestation was spreading to other apartment. Experts set up traps equipped with attractants in various parts of the house and on each floor. Almost everywhere, larvae, skin remains and beetles were found, which were analyzed by a specialised laboratory. Five different species of dermestid beetles were found, both native and adventive ones. The subsequent expert report concluded that the entire building structure was infested. The dermestids had also invaded the joint compound between the slabs, where they laid their eggs. Moreover, they spread via supply shafts. As a consequence, the experts concluded that it would not be enough to treat individual apartments. The complete building must be taken under treatment. A complicated and costly treatment with heat promises good results.


Tenants need to move out of the building

This resulted in all tenants of the 88 apartments having to move. The vast majority of tenants have shown understanding for the upcoming pest control. If requested, tenants could be provided with an apartment from the jenawohnen portfolio. Currently (October 2022), one apartment in Schlegelstraß 3 is still occupied. Here wer are still looking for a suitable apartment for the tenant.

jenawohnen takes over all costs for treatment of furniture and the move. Employees from social management support the tenants with help and advice until and beyond their limits. 

At the end of September 2022, the renovation work in the house began. It is planned to gut the building completely. All loose material, doors, floors and bathroom units must be taken out before the treatment against the vermins enters the next stage.

The duration of sanitation cannot be accurately predicted because it depends on the success of the pest control. This means that after each completed measure, a check is made to see whether the vermin has been successfully eliminated. Only if this is the case, the remediation can continue

As of October 2022