Salvador Allende Platz 9–23

Construction project

Modern living in Lobeda-Ost

With a long lead time and extensive preparations, the neighborhood at Salvador-Allende-Platz 9–23 is being renovated from the ground up. The 11-story buildings from 1982 and 1983 will undergo a thorough renovation. After the buildings have been vacated, all supply and disposal lines will be renewed down to the apartment level, including modern heating control. The aim is to create a new and modern place to live and retire for our tenants.

Space for families

The current 320 apartments will become 292 apartments subsidized by the Free State of Thüringen in the future. Some of the apartments will be combined into 6-room apartments, creating more space for families. 54 of the renovated apartments will be barrier-free. Some of the existing 1- and 3-room apartments will be retained.



Facts and Figures



Location Salvador-Allende-Platz 9–23, 07747 Jena
Size of property 9,062 m²
Residential units After renovation: 292 apartments
Apartment types 1- to 6-room apartments
Commercial units 12 commercial units
Special features

Barrier-free access and elevators

Future tenants must be eligible for subsidised housing

Partially wheelchair accessible bathroomss

All apartments have balconies

Construction start Expected mid-2023
Completion Expected 2027
Planning  PHLOX Architekt & Ingenieur GmbH, Weimar


Subsidised living

All flats in our neighbourhood are intended for prospective tenants with a certificate of eligibility for subsidised housing. This certificate enables to rent a flat in a state-subsidised housing if the household income is below a set limit.

Whether students, single parents, low-income families or pensioners - many people do not even know that they are eligible for a Wohnberechtigungsschein. You can find all the necessary information as well as a calculator to check your eligibility here: Certificate of eligibility for subsidised housing.


Living and residing in Lobeda


The neighbourhood Salvador-Allende-Platz 9–23 in the district Lobeda-East is very well located, and, within a radius of only one kilometer, you can find various shopping facilites, gastronomic offers, medical facilities and the University Hospital. Numerous playgrounds and the Drakendorf Park invite you to play, walk and relax. In addition, Lobeda offers different other parks, wonderful views of the Lobdeburg, the Leuchtenburg and the Kernberge.

At Salvador-Allende-Platz you live conveniently and close to nature. Thanks to the well-developed tram network, you can reach the center of Jena in about 30 minutes. Commuters will be pleased about the direct freeway connection.


The construction progress

Currently, the relocation of the existing tenants is planned, prepared and implemented step by step according to building entrances. Since all the water and sewage pipes are getting on in years and need to be replaced, the building will have to be emptied completely.

After the building is vacant, construction work will begin, including the new installation of the building services. The heat supply will continue to be provided by district heating. A modern heating control system creates individual savings opportunities. In addition, all water and sewage pipes will be replaced and renewed.

The process of new occupancy will be carried out one building entrance after the other. We will inform you as soon as the letting process has begun. Moreover, we will coordinate the detailed planning of the bathroom with the future tenants. We try to take special wishes into account

Construction process

Since all the water and sewage pipes are getting on in years, we are planning a so-called strand renovation. Only the replacement of all pipes will make it already unavoidable to completely empty all flats connected per staircase. Our staff will inform all tenants about the exact procedure and will be happy to give advice. 

Once all flats are empty, the construction work will begin, including the new installation of the house technology. The heat supply will continue to be provided by district heating. A modern heating control system creates individual savings opportunities.

We coordinate the detailed planning of the bathroom with the future tenants and try to take special wishes into account.



Renovation is better than building a new house, because an enormous amount of energy is needed when demolishing and constructing a new building. Thanks to modern building services and heating control, as well as a progressive energy concept, the refurbishment of the SAP is both sustainable and economical. Many improvements await future residents - from barrier-free access to a better indoor climate and more space for larger families.

Easy to access

With us, there live people of all ages. To guarantee all of them easy access to the buildings and apartmens, accessibility is one of the aspects we keep in mind during renovation. Thanks to new elevators, ramps and wide doors, people in wheelchairs or with walking aids as well as young families with buggies will soon be able to enter their flats without problems.

State funding

The refurbishment of our 11-storey buildings at Salvador-Allende-Platz is financially supported by the state of Thuringia with a loan of around 32 million euros. The notice of approval also includes a subsidy of around 5 million for accessibility and ensures affordable housing at the location for the next 20 years.

Building entrances and elevators

With ramps and elevators, we create barrier free access to all flats.

Heating control

In future, a modern control system for the environmentally friendly district heating will ensure energy savings.

Apartment sizes and layouts

We create more space for families by joining some smaller apartments. 

Building technology and electrics

Up-to-date technology and new electrical wiring ensure comfort and safety.

Bathrooms and strands

New pipes and lines will be laid in the whole neighbourhood and modern bathrooms will be installed.

Floors and doors

All flats will receive modern, easy-care flooring and new doors.

Entrances and elevators 

We create barrier-free access to all flats with ramps and elevators.

Neighbourhood and mobility

Protected parking areas for bicycles and e-scooters will be created near the entrances.

Information for all tenants


In the coming weeks and months, we will be holding informative events for those tenants who will be affected by the upcoming renovation work. We will inform you about the respective dates on time. If you have any questions or problems regarding the work, please come by or contact your tenant advisor. We are happy to help!

Questions and Answers

Do you live at Salvador-Allende-Platz and have questions regarding the renovation work?
Our employees have answers on frequently asked questions: 

Antje David-Eckert

Head of Social Management

Thomas Hädrich

Head of department Project Management, division Technical Management 

The most important in brief:

The needs of the tenants of the flat in question are noted down in precise terms. Should everything remain as it is, or is there a request for change, for example regarding the size of the flat or the residential area? Based on this information, our letting agent, who is present at the talks, can make the tenants a suitable flat offer from our current stock. After the initial conversation, there is enough time to consider everything calmly so that no one feels overwhelmed.

We know that this situation is not easy for our tenants. It would be helpful to think about what you want in advance. But there is no need to prepare anything in written form. You can simply listen to what the colleagues responsible for move management and leasing have to offer.

During the talks, the tenants receive the contact details of Ms Schmidt from the Move Management team and Mr Beck from the Leasing Team. Both can be contacted at any time by phone, or by e-mail when they are on the road. Ms Schmidt primarily takes care of organisational questions regarding the move and individual support, while Mr Beck submits the flat offers.

Our aim is to find the right flat for each tenant. A personal conversation is the best way to do this. In such a conversation, it is also possible to find out at if and what kind of extra support is needed, for example with packing or the like.

The renovation measures are prepared interactively in colaboration of the responsible departments of jenawohnen. Then, our tenant advisors, caretakers and social management work together with the planning offices in order to determine the expected scope of the tasks, and to be able to plan these measures sensibly. In addition to the technically necessary maintenance and repair measures, possible and sensible optimisations are also examined, such as a differentiation of the housing offers.

We renovate with varying degrees of effort, i. e. there are individual measures or combinations of measures. We always consider whether this can take place with tenants staying in their flats, or whether it is necessary to vacate the building. In the case of very extensive refurbishments, vacating the building is advantageous for everyone: we can work faster and more efficiently, and the burden on the tenants remains as low as possible. Those tenants who are intersted in returning to their flats can do so much more quickly.

The technical condition of the buildings at Salvador-Allende-Platz corresponds to that of 1983. In addition, there are signs of material fatigue, which in the worst case can lead to serious damage such as burst pipes. To make the buildings modren and safe, they need to be renovated.

The renovation work at the SAP is very extensive in order to enable climate-efficient and barrier-free living in the future: Supply and disposal lines will be renewed, as well as electrical lines, heating, ventilation and sanitary lines. Floors and lifts are to be redone completely, too.

Moving out of the buildings is unavoidable because the burden on the respective tenants would be unacceptable. It is not only the building itself that is to be renovated, but also each individual flat.

The plan is to refurbish in two construction phases, one entrance/staircase after the other. We assume that the first tenants will be able to move in again at the end of 2024. All in all, the refurbishment work is scheduled to last until around 2027.

To explain: The SAP is a WBS 70 housing series, a type of prefabricated housing that was common in the GDR. There are other housing associations that are dismantling these buildings today. However, because of the great need for affordable housing in Jena, we want to renovate the flats and bring them up to date.

We are there for you!

Are you a tenant at Salvador-Allende-Platz and have questions or queries regarding the renovation work?

Please do not hesitate to contact your tenancy advisor at the Service-Centre Lobed,a or ask your Social Management for help. We are happy to be there for you! 

Bauvorhaben am Salvador-Allende-Platz

Service-Centre Lobeda
Matthias-Domaschk-Straße 1, 07747 Jena

You can find both phone number and e-mail address of your personal tenant advisor in your personal tenancy-folder.


Social management jenawohnen
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Are you interested in one of our refurbished flats at Salvador-Allende-Platz?

The flats are not yet available for rent. However, we will be happy to help you find another flat in Jena or inform you when refurbished flats at Salvador-Allende-Platz are available..

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