Discover our virtual telemedicine room

Jun 14, 2024, 9:12:00 AM | Stadtwerke Jena Gruppe | Aktuelles | Smartes Quartier | jenergie

Welcome to the future of healthcare! Before our real telemedicine room in the Smart Quarter Jena-Lobeda opens this fall at the latest, we invite you to take a virtual tour now.


Start your interactive tour 

Our simulation is designed to be realistic and interactive to give you an understanding of the workings and benefits of telemedicine technologies while learning more about the project and its partners and stakeholders.  

Visit the virtual telemedicine room with just one click. After choosing an avatar name, you can get started right away:

  • Explore interactive modules: Get detailed insights and demonstrations of the latest devices and technologies in telemedicine.
  • Watch live demonstrations: Some sections offer videos or animations that illustrate the use of the technologies by healthcare professionals. 
  • Download learning materials: Deepen your knowledge with additional materials that you can conveniently download. 
  • Make expert contacts: Use the virtual contact points to address your questions directly to our telemedicine experts and obtain further information. 
  • We look forward to welcoming you virtually and introducing you to the innovative world of telemedicine. Start your tour and experience how advanced technology is transforming healthcare.