Dynamically controlled wallboxes

House manager Rainer Raithel has 5 wallboxes installed

More and more owners in and around Jena are enjoying the convenience of having their own wallbox for charging their e-car directly at home. As a first step in such considerations, Stadtwerke Energie recommends commissioning the so-called e-charging check. During this check, the installation options are checked on site by specialist installers and comprehensive advice is provided by our electromobility experts. The example of property management company Rainer Raithel shows that several wallboxes can be created at the same time.

Rainer Raithel has taken on the role of property manager for various apartments in the new residential area “Hausbergviertel” in Wenigenjena. He takes care of all the tasks for the condominium owners' association that the owners would otherwise have to perform themselves, including the coordination and processing of Owner requests regarding own charging infrastructure. Rainer Raithel says: "The owners of five new apartments in Otto-Wagner-Strasse approached me because they wanted charging facilities for electric cars. As I was already familiar with Stadtwerke, I checked out their website and ordered the e-charging check there too.“ 


With a „fünferpack“ of wallboxes, the e-charging check was correspondingly extensive. The challenge: the apartments are all housed in one building complex - so a way had to be found to avoid overloading the building's power grid if all the residents charged their cars at the same time. Stadtwerke Energie's solution is dynamic load management. The intelligent system ensures that the power available to the building is dynamically distributed to wallboxes and other consumers. This means that if a lot of electricity is being used in the apartments, the charging power at the wallboxes is reduced - and vice versa. Nevertheless, it is ensured that a minimum amount of electricity flows continuously at the wallboxes.The perfect solution for Rainer Raithel and his customers in Otto-Wagner-Straße.  


After the order had been placed, the concrete planning and implementation began – closely accompanied by Stadtwerker Dennis Beyermann, who was the direct contact person for all questions and concerns relating to the new system. Rainer Raithel: „The process was complex and even I, as an old hand, was able to learn a lot. In addition to the functionality of different types of wallboxes, there were also some construction challenges: Among other things, we had to drill three core holes in the garages to lay the required cables.“  


About a quarter of a year after the order was placed, the time had come: the owners in Otto-Wagner-Straße were able to charge their cars with electricity from their own wallboxes for the first time - safely and dynamically controlled via load management. Rainer Raithel says: „My customers are absolutely satisfied with the solution we have found. And when they are satisfied, so am I“.  


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