Solar power simple & uncomplicated

Andreas Schmidt uses solar power and battery storage

Andreas Schmidt lives in a semi-detached house on Jena's Schlegelsberg. The 61-year-old has opted for a solar roof from Stadtwerke Energie. We asked him four questions about it.

Mr. Schmidt, what was your motivation for installing a PV system?

I have an increased energy consumption due to my hobby. In order to keep costs under control in times of rising energy prices, I wanted to generate and consume my own electricity. That's why I bought a solar system with an output of 8.5 KWpeak and had it installed on the roof of my semi-detached house. The PV system is supplemented by a battery storage system with a storage capacity of 8.25 kWh.


Why did you choose a system from Stadtwerke Jena-Pößneck? 

From the outset, it was important to me that the implementation was as simple as possible for me. At Stadtwerke Energie, I got everything from a single source: From the initial registration to commissioning, I had a fixed contact person and didn't have to worry about anything else.  


What did you particularly like about the project implementation? 

I particularly liked the fact that I always got quick and friendly answers to all my questions and that the installation of the system was very straightforward for me. Among other things, Stadtwerke also kept in touch with the regional manufacturer from Hermsdorf and coordinated every step of the installation for me.  


What are your experiences with your PV system in practice so far? 

The system was connected to the grid for the first time this summer and I didn't have to draw a single kilowatt hour of electricity from the grid during the warm and bright months. Of course, this has a considerable impact on the costs. Another advantage for me is that I have permanent access to the system via an app and can see the amount of electricity produced, my consumption and the feed-in to the grid immediately and in real time. This makes it very easy for me to make sensible use of the electricity generated.   

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